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Title Search


For property sellers and buyers, any transaction conducted involves relatively huge amounts of investment. Therefore, the whole transaction has to be secure. In other words, an investor has to be sure about the ownership of the property before taking a step hence the title search. A title search is a detailed search of documents records and sources of a property. The title search is meant to determine any claims on the property. It also helps to determine whether there are any deed confinements that can define how the property can be utilized. In respect to this, Palm Beach Real Estate Estate Title & Escrow offers services that include title search, lien search, and municipal search

Title search.

For a real estate transaction to go smoothly, a clean title is necessary. That is why our company introduced the service and is committed to helping all property sellers and buyers.

A title search may be conducted by a title company or an attorney approached by a prospective buyer interested in purchasing the property. Sometimes, the title search can be initiated by a lender or party that wants to confirm the ownership of a property to make up their minds on possible claims and judgments against the property before affirming a loan or other warranties in which the property is applied as collateral.

When conducting this noble exercise, we use legal documents as well as public records to identify liens, real owners, and judgments on the property, taxes due, and even the mortgages on the property. Maybe, you may think of conducting the title search on your own to cut down the expenses on the seemingly extraneous tasks during the acquisition of a property. Well, that is possible but it is not desirable. Legal documents can be complex to go through in the courtroom. As a result, you might easily skip essential steps in the process of the title search.

Lien Search.

Lien exists in two categories. A lien that the homeowner permits is called a voluntary lien. To place such a lien on a property, a contract is mandatory. It is worth noting that the lien will not harm the property’s title.

The second type of lien is an involuntary lien. This is set on a property due to an unsettled debt like a home improvement bill or a tax bill. Such liens will influence your ability to trade your home without worry. Again, when this lien is set on a property, discharging it from the public report won’t be easy.

In a nutshell, you will always want to purchase a property that is free from any kind of lien. Fortunately, Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow, a division of Weston Title & Escrow is there to sort this out for you. Palm Beach title search is the solution for all your lien search queries.

Don’t give lenders a stake in your property nor an opportunity to settle obligations owed to them! Let’s search your property’s title and clear such concerns early enough.

Municipal Search.

Like title search, Municipal search is about information quests about a property. Still, the Municipal search includes the Fire Department and Building Department documents. More so, information regarding the nearby street is presented too.

For a Municipal search, a building department search should exhibit the building permits linked to the property at that particular time and the Certificates of occupancy for the property.

The certificates of occupancy and building permits as items in a Municipal search are essential as they are utilized to ascertain that the local building codes and plan procedures have been adhered to. Moreover, they are significant in exhibiting some aspects of the property such as the number of parts like bedrooms and bathrooms. To some extent, other pieces of information here about a property may appear petty. Nevertheless, such information is critical for both a buyer and a seller of a property. Furthermore, if a lending organization is disquieted with the sale, such fine details will be magnified during a title search.

Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow understands the weight of a title search and a clean for a property seller or buyer. Given the importance, we won’t take chances. Rather, we shall exhaust every step we are taking to ensure that a property’s title is cleared before a deal between a buyer and a seller is sealed.




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