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Palm Beach Real Estate Buyers And Sellers


Purchasing a property in Palm Beach and other places without a Realtor.

Maybe, you have acquired your home without involving Palm Beach Realtors at its initial stages. Or, possibly your deal was about meeting the actual seller or owner. Well, that doesn’t matter. If you have chosen to acquire a property, our trained and courteous crew at Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow can still be at your service during the closing process.

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At Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow, the mode of operation is that which promotes personal touch with the customer. From the onset, you will be assigned a specific team member who will handle your process to the end. From this, you will develop a personal connection with the team member working on your file for all the closing processes. Consequently, you will have the liberty to inquire the team member anything about the process of closing your property. We pledge to be available at every step you are taking in the process. Our multi-lingual team vows to dedicate their time so that you can get the attention that you deserve for success.

As a sign of success, Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow has closed over a billion dollars in the real estate sector. That means we have a track record and the image to give you confidence in us. With independent ownership and operation, out Palm Beach title company has become instrumental in helping potential homeowners a great deal. Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow, a division of Weston Title & Escrow boasts of closing transactions for the biggest builders, banks, and realtors in Florida. Terra, Suntrust, Northern Trust, Landmark Homes, Arvida/JMB Partners, Ambry Homes, Delcrest Homes, and Windmill Reserve is just but a few of the clients. As a result of this tested and practically proven experience in serving various clients, our Palm Beach Title Company is confident that it can handle your issues to an individual level efficiently. Save time and your finances. It’s time to try our services.

The steps:


  1. If you have any queries concerning buying a property, alert us before initiating the process. We are dedicated to serve you and guide throughout the journey of realizing your dream.
  2. After contacting Palm Beach Real Estate Estate Title & Escrow and identify a property of your choice, any deposit made on the particular property will be retained in escrow by Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow.
  3. Should you wish to make an offer on the property; Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow will help you in linking with Oppenheim Law, our sister company that will facilitate decent legal assistance in the establishment of your offer. With this arrangement, you will rest assured that all your concerns, including legal matters, are in safe hands.
  4. When your offer is admitted, any extra deposits will be held in Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow too.
  5. As a contract is signed, our devoted team will be ready to chip in and help you with planning for reviews and securing a mortgage.
  6. Next, the team at Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow takes the responsibility of ascertaining that the property is free of liens and all taxes have been settled as required. Additionally, the team will make sure that any association dues or charges have been settled. They will be glad to update you at every step of closing.
  7. Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow then make a closing report for your study, getting all the charges and balances that you are authorized as a buyer of the home.
  8. Finally, we will proceed to close and give you a Title Insurance Policy supported by one of our different experienced title underwriters.


Give Us 1% Trust And Let Us Make That 99% Up To You

Undoubtedly, we mean what we say and our work is backed by testimonies of what we have done for others before.  Allow us to serve you as your title company so that we can put our wealth of experience into practice. We shall serve you with diligence, offering the best closing and guaranteeing a smooth process with less hustle. Our objective is to offer you exceptional service, accomplishment, and management of your property for the better. If you have a question concerning your property, Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow is a call away. Simply contact us and we shall be ready to discuss your title issues at any time.