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Our other company Oppenheim Law is tasked with real estate matters that include Foreclosure defense. Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow as well as Oppenheim Law are dedicated to assisting homeowners to evade Foreclosure. Besides that, we help homeowners to deal with financial repair and stability issues by assisting them with Loan Modifications and Short Sales. It is always our recommendation that our clients go for short sales as much as possible. This is because, from our research, Short Sales is the best alternative to dodge Foreclosure and deficiency determinations. More so, short sales will enable a homeowner to attempt to eliminate a property that is underwater and using financial assets subsequently evading future indebtedness for any insufficiency.

We as Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow and our associated law firm will fulfill all of your Short Sale demands. We are there to guide you from the initial stages of negotiating and securing bank approval to the final stage of closing.

Besides the aforementioned advantages of the Short Sales that we are advocating for, Short Sales can also be good for both the buyer and the bank. Instead of opting to take back the property and certainly getting stuck with a different property that the bank can’t market, Short Sale will enable the bank to reclaim a share of its funds in advance. Moreover, banks have to meet tax obligations, HOA, and sustenance fees when the property is taken back. It is also worth noting that Short Sales give the banks a presentation that is more convenient as compared to Foreclosure. Subsequently, Short Sales will enable a buyer to secure a financially reliable deal.

Palm Beach Real Estate Title & Escrow in collaboration with Oppenheim Law is and vows to be there to help you as a homeowner to make an informed financial decision. For instance, homeowners wishing to get help on Loan Modification while preferring to stay in their homes, and are underwater will get relieved. Although homeowner is experiencing challenges meeting their mortgage plans or paying for their existing loan, the approach will still benefit them.

Traditionally, banks were reluctant to approve loan modifications. Nevertheless, government incentives, as well as mortgage trickery by the banks, have given them the thrust they required to evade the foreclosure process.

Whatever the route you will take concerning Foreclosure in respect to property ownership and other associated matters, just keep in mind that we have you in mind. Thus, our advice and approaches will be aimed at giving you a good experience always.

Foreclosure Basics Courtesy Of Oppenheim Law